#1 Can't switch to dongle mode by PaoloFCantoni 30.12.2018 02:06

I am running neXt on three machines, one at work, one at home and a laptop which I have with me on holiday. The first two are successfully running in dongle mode. However, the third, laptop, won't allow me to switch to dongle mode. If I try to first register the full licence (with Serial and password) it correctly tells me the licence has been converted to dongle mode. However, I can't use the switch the to dongle button, nothing happens and I stay in Demo mode.

What have I done wrong?


#2 RE: Can't switch to dongle mode by Klaus-Eiperle 31.12.2018 19:22


Hi Paolo,

simply plug in the RX2SIM. It should work in neXt mode which is assigned by the red LED. Then start neXt, change to the license tab and type in there only your name and the serial number. Then click onto detect dongle and then it should work as expected.

All the best,

#3 RE: Can't switch to dongle mode by PaoloFCantoni 01.01.2019 02:49

Hi Klaus,

Thanks for replying (and Happy New Year!). I've previously done that, that's why I posted. The dongle is already detected in the Licence Tab. I have entered the data
Paolo Cantoni & Serial #. There is no detect dongle button, but Switch to Dongle button (in addition to Add Licence and Buy Full Version)

The RX2SIM is in Red mode and the protocol is DSMX/DSM2 (since I'm using a Spektrum DX7s) The Dongle works fine and the serial # is displayed.

Any other ideas?

#4 RE: Can't switch to dongle mode - Start without dongle! by PaoloFCantoni 01.01.2019 10:46

Hi Klaus,

Got it working! Apparently, I need to start neXt without the dongle attached! I then can see the Detect Dongle button and used it to register.

Hope this helps someone else!


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